Once every fifth or sixth game in the dozens of titles that Sega has released since 1991, Sonic manages to remind us why he’s stuck around for so long. After all these years, the spunky little blue guy could still work. Sonic Games are among the best selling video games in the world. With a long list of titles and many spin-offs, Sonic is arguably one of the most recognisable names in video games. As Sonic, players run through levels trying to stop the villainous Dr. Eggman, also known as Eggman or Dr. Robotnik depending on your age.

  • It is stated in the North American and European manuals that a One-Up item can be found in Special Stages, but they are not seen anywhere unless placed in the game’s secret Debug Mode.
  • But the levels were well-thought-out and the graphics were pleasing.
  • My personal complaints aboutSonic Adventureaside, they’re not the reason I think that futureSonicgames should mostly abandon 3D gameplay.

It’s no longer enough to get into stores a couple of days before Black Friday, it seems. Like the holiday shopping season, Black Friday-baiting game releases keep creeping ahead, earlier and earlier each year. Outside of oddball occasions like this, Sonic 2sday’s influence continues to reverberate in gaming. In any case, the good news is that Sonic Frontiers is a pretty small game in terms of install size.

Ranking Every Mainline Sonic The Hedgehog Game

Together, you’re to defeat Dr. Eggman and his army of Hard-Boiled Heavies. That said, there’re hits and misses across the 32 mainline Sonic games. There are also over 70 side games, like pinball entries, which we can also consider. The only thing I will say is that you should pace yourself at the start. There isn’t really a gradual onboarding, just a lot of information thrown your way all at once. SegaThat’s the key point here, Sonic Frontiers is all about exploration.

When I got my own console a PS2 I did have the Sonic Heroes game and thought it was alright I have replayed the first two Sonic games alongside Streets of Rage on the PS3 compilation and really like Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Sandwiched in between Sonic 4 Episode I and II was the blue blur’s 20th anniversary. SEGA, unsure how to appease fans of both old Sonic and new Sonic, came up with a stroke of genius that perhaps showed there was life in the old hedgehog yet. Sonic Adventure 2 also did the unthinkable and released on the Nintendo GameCube as an enhanced version a year later in 2002.

Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure (2D) – 1999

This addictive puzzler, with its goated upbeat soundtrack, get a worthy nod here for its placement here as one of the most underrated Sonic games. This Nintendo DS platformer was one of the most exciting new-school Sonic games to hit the popular handheld. Interestingly, it brought a new https://emulatorgames.online/games/sonic character named Blaze the Cat into the fold, who comes from a dimension with seven Sol Emeralds, much like the Chaos Emeralds. Eggman somehow managed to get his hands on those too, and Blaze has to retrieve them. She meets up with Cream the Rabbit and Sonic the Hedgehog, and the pair team up to figure out how they can stop Eggman and his nefarious plot, collecting the Sol Emeralds and realizing the meaning of friendship along the way. Sonic Lost World finds Sonic facing off against a crew of Eggman’s terrifying new cronies, the Deadly Six.

The original Sonic the Hedgehog is also one of the best selling games worldwide. Sonic the Hedgehog, or just Sonic, is Sega’s biggest franchise. The first game in the franchise was released on June 23, 1991.

5 Best Selling Sonic Games and How to Play Them Today