Look for an option with the name Startup Repair. Some users may not find the option and don’t feel insane. You can easily find it by clicking on the “See more recovery options.”. Now pressing F8 when the system restarts, and you will not enter the Safe Mode.

So far our experience of it is much the same as the rest of Windows 11… But it’s also still mostly filled with apps you’d likely download direct from your browser, or wouldn’t want to touch at all. When I reached out to Microsoft about Nixon’s comments, the company didn’t dismiss them at all.


“While technically the OS update is six months old, a very large percentage of machines weren’t being offered the update until just a couple of months ago,” he said in an earlier interview. “The current is likely just normal market evolution during the early stages of any new OS version and not a sign of anything really problematic.” Microsoft has pushed to get users to upgrade to Windows 11, but the overwhelming majority have chosen to remain on Windows 10. “I would agree that neither is super accurate, and I’m not a market analyst, but less than 1.5%… sounds unrealistic even if you take just the new Windows 11 PCs sold,” Mendelevich said.

  • In a recently updated Microsoft support document note, the firm said it was “working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.”
  • Because, Detail UEFI mode is much better, and there are multiple ways to boot into safe mode.
  • Taking scrolling and long screenshots on PC is simple if you know the right tool.
  • Microsoft has talked a lot about how Windows 11 is secure due to TPM 2.0 requirements, as well as Secure Boot.

It’s not nearly as big as Windows or other Microsoft franchises such as Azure and Office, but Microsoft still sells its own line of Surface PCs that could be made more intriguing on shelves. Surface revenue grew more than 30% in the second and third quarters of 2020, but that’s still far from Chromebook-style growth. A reinvigorated Windows might make consumers take a second look at the Surface Pro convertible tablet, whose basic hardware design hasn’t changed all that much since its 2012 debut. The threat from Google’s Chrome OS has arguably never been bigger, as people sprang for low-cost Chromebook laptops running the Google operating system instead of more traditional Windows or Apple macOS computers. According to Gartner, computer makers shipped 11.7 million Chromebooks in 2020.

What’s new in February 2022 Update for Windows 10

As a Windows Insider, you’ll continue to get preview builds of Windows 11 in the future, even after its official launch, which means you’ll be able to test any updates the company releases ahead of time. As I’ve noted in past blogs, being on the latest version of Windows provides you with the best in creativity, protection and productivity. Windows 11’s minimum system requirements enable a new era of experiences, reliability and security.

How to Take Screenshot with Screen Snip

Doing so strips away much of what you’re used to and loads only the necessary components required for Windows to start, after which you can do some troubleshooting to identify the problem. Having trouble starting Windows in Safe Mode using one of the typical methods above? Try other options toforce Windows to restart in Safe Mode. If you don’t see the restart prompt, restart normally from the Start menu.

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