Scrutiny and approval of site, layout and construction plans for Explosives manufacturing factories. Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association represents the philosophy and the values of the chemical industry. It endeavors to consistently and substantially contribute towards the industrial development of the country and to improving the quality of life. Not only that, but occupational injuries can have an impact on attendance and morale. You’ll have a lot less productive site if employees are off due to injuries and their co-workers are terrified or angry about it.

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The cell has also identified a Major Accident Hazard Factories and deal with 84 on site emergency plans submitted by different factories engaged in hazardous process. Have the project team assess where they feel the project is in terms of safety performance (non-compliant, compliant, good practice, best in class). We know that it’s the little things, done well, every day and on every job, that make the difference. Weaving safety through everything we do ties us together, uniting our industry behind a common imperative. So, engage us with your Campaigns and Celebrations where we help you to work with an event, continue the conversation on social media and get Safety Week gear to demonstrate your continued commitment to safety. This first aid room is equipped with air conditioning for maintain ambient environment and has all the necessary medical & rescue equipment like A.E.D , ECG machine, Oxygen Cylinders, blood pressure monitor, saline facility with a stretcher bed.

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If the enforcement authorities find you in violation, you might face penalties, a tarnished reputation, and possibly prison time. With EHS experts operating in over 100 territories, we have the capabilities in place to meet your safety goals, wherever your project is in the world. The most effective training programs tend to be interactive, take advantage of learning technology and involve some level of on-the-job training. A National Safety Council survey found that 43% of workers believed they didn’t get enough sleep to perform critical functions at work. For managers, being able to recognize fatigue and burnout is one of the best ways to increase worker safety, because workers are more likely to make mistakes and suffer from MSD-related injuries when tired. Because poor fitness and health habits can be a risk factor for these injuries, providing resources that encourage good nutrition, exercise and regular doctor’s visits may help employees to avoid MSD-related injuries.

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In about 50% of the cases the airborne concentration of such chemicals and dust exceeded the permissible exposure limit prescribed under the National and International standards. During this survey it was found physical stress parameters noise level exceeded the permissible limit while illumination level and air velocity were below the minimize recommended values in almost all the cases. The boilers and economizers are normally granted certificates, for further use for a definite period. Sometimes it required, permission is granted to run beyond the certificate period to meet public interest particularly in power sector.

Long-term objectives include – but not limited to – development of safety-oriented post-graduate diplomas and safety audits and consultancies. We started with classroom training in Mysuru and Bengaluru, but prompted by the COVID-19 nirogdham patrika lock-down, we are venturing into on-line webinars in 2020. We are proactive in the management of health & safety and employ a full-time team of professional managers who provide support and advice throughout the company.

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We are constantly working towards improving the effectiveness of our HSE Management System. Our management is committed to provide enough resources and deploying skilled staff to comply with our HSE Policy and HSEMS regulations. An integrated technology solution to perform real-time analytics and manage information and operations for your business and suppliers. A single, trusted source of data, BSI Connect helps you make data-driven decision to drive future business decisions. Designed to give you actionable insight that will help you safeguard workers, unlock new commercial opportunities and secure your place in the future of construction. The execution processes must use required Inputs, Tools & Techniques for the desired Outputs as suggested in HSSE plans. Any changes required to be made to the base plan must be discussed with all stakeholders and must be implemented after due approval of change control unit.

National Safety Day Week 4-10 March
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