To share global variables across modules within a single program, create a special module. Import the config module in all modules of your application. The module will be available as a global variable across modules. Pickle module accepts any Python object and converts it into a string representation and dumps it into a file by using dump function.

It has capabilities for processing parameters and generating console help text built-in. There are additional advanced libraries that may be used to create standalone console applications. Django uses SQLite as a default database, it stores data as a single file in the filesystem. Either way, with your database in place, all that remains is to tell Django how to use it. This is where your project’s file comes in.

Q83. Looking at the below code, write down the final values of A0, A1, …An.

Django works with the SQLite database by default, but it may be configured to operate with other databases as well. Here, we start off by creating a method, with the name ‘even_odd()’. This function takes a single parameter and prints out if the number taken is even or odd. We will start off by creating a tuple that will comprise the indices of elements that we want to access. List comprehensions provide a more compact and elegant way to create lists than for-loops, and also a new list can be created from existing lists. In dynamic typed language the objects are bound with type by assignments at run time. To create an empty class we can use the pass command after the definition of the class object.

It searches the internet for the package and installs it into the working directory without requiring any user intervention. Flask is a “microframework” designed for small applications with straightforward needs. Django has prewritten code that the user must examine, whereas Flask allows users to write their own code, making it easier to grasp. Both are technically excellent and have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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If you are this kind of person, asking interview questions for a Python developer yourself can satisfy your desire for controlling everything. The unittest module provides classes that make it easy to support these qualities for a set of tests. It provides flexibility and lets the developer use the right tools for their project.

Python has a number of free libraries and modules that help in the creation of command-line applications. To read and write, the appropriate IO libraries are used.

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Python also has an inbuilt garbage collector, which recycles all the unused memory and so that it can be made available to the heap space. While shutil – module enables you to copy and delete the files. To remove leading characters from a string, we can use lstrip() function.

What is difference between list and dictionary?

A list refers to a collection of various index value pairs like that in the case of an array in C++. A dictionary refers to a hashed structure of various pairs of keys and values.

It also produces the copy of an object from the source to destination. It makes a copy of the file how to become a python developer from source to destination. We can use Static Analysis tool called PyChecker for this purpose.

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