You can advertise by printing in newspapers, and distributing pamphlets. Maximum sales to the customers take place at the retail store. The following are a few examples of retail shops that one can establish.

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The investment cost is as very low as 5000 INR-8000 INR per month for rent and the rest is depend on your grip on the subject or you can utilize your own room too. Due to a high demand and low supply, opening a coaching centre for jobs like IAS, PCS, SSC, etc., can be lucrative in Bihar. Additionally, I strongly advise joining an established catering business to gain expertise if you have no previous background in this industry. In India, catering is one of the most well-liked and adaptable company strategies. This company can be launched with a small to middle amount of capital. Renting is straight forward all you have to do is hire out things and charge money in exchange.

Small scale manufacturing business ideas in Bihar: 7 Best

And, because it is a popular snack food, there is always a demand for it. One advantage of this business is that you can run it out of a tiny area, such as a roadside stall, a tiny shop, or even your home. Additionally, you can sell your goods in nearby markets, colleges, and other public places. Each bottle of sugarcane juice costs approximately Rs. 10–20, depending on the supplier, so this business has a sizable profit margin. The size and quality of the agarbattis produced and the marketing plan employed decide the profitability of the company. You are capable of making a profit margin of roughly 20–30% if you produce high-quality agarbattis and have an effective marketing plan.

Business Ideas in Bihar: 7 Best Business Ideas to Start

For your store, you’ll need a prominent location, so look around the busy markets and residential areas for a place. Once you’ve chosen a location, it’s time to furnish it with shelves, racks, and other necessities. First and foremost, soap is a necessity for everyone’s daily needs. Additionally, as Bihar’s population grows, so does the demand for soap.

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An industrial expert guides a newbie utilize various schemes and subsidies made available by the government consequently help a business gain enough funding. 19) Eco-friendly disposables – Keeping in view the harmful effects of plastic disposals, the demand for eco-friendly disposals have risen. They are highly demanded in weddings, parties, at mobile food vans, tea stalls, etc. You can easily initiate a business in which eco-friendly disposals are produced. The investment in this small manufacturing business is around Rs. 5-7 lakh. 6) Jute bag making – Jute bags are used for packing different types of grains.

Top 15+ Powerful Business Ideas In Bihar for 2023
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